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Knowledge base

Do you find those questions troubling?

  • How to increase the profitability of investments at my company?
  • How to execute more as well as more valuable projects within the same budget and with the same human resources?
  • How to limit the risk that the projects could exceed the estimated budget and the execution deadline?
  • How can I verify whether I actually profit from my investments?
  • How to identify the projects which bring little to my company and can be stopped?
  • How to implement Hadrone PPM step-by-step?

If yes, then you will find the answer to them by reading through our knowledge base!

The knowledge base contains a description of concepts and best practices for managing an investment portfolio together with examples for their use and document templates, as well as a method for the implementation of those practices in your company, step-by-step.

The presented articles are based on widely used methodologies and good practices for project management and project portfolio management, as well as experiences of the Hadrone team from implementations of investment portfolio management for large and small organisations, both private and public.


This is a compendium of practical knowledge, which will allow you to start using tried and tested practices increasing the profitability of investments.


Do not wait—gain access now!